Kamala Harris Protege Just Got Indicted – Federal Charges For Baltimore Democrat Add Up To 30 Years In Prison, Millions In Fines

Another lawmaker just got hit with serious charges, and this time it’s a Democrat State Attorney in Baltimore. Marilyn Mosby is facing multiple accusations and some stiff punishments. A Maryland grand jury indicted Mosby on Thursday, on two counts of perjury and two counts of filing false mortgage applications. And as it turns out, Mosby … Read more

Trump Tells National Guard To Respond Quickly – Donald Says They Must Stop America’s Wave Of Smash-And-Grabs

What’s Happening: For years, we’ve heard from Democrats about the evils of our police departments. Some extreme leftists have called for the defunding of police. And, to the shock of most Americans, blue cities obeyed. Many police departments, in major cities, lack the resources to stop crime. Guess what happened? Crime is out of control. … Read more

Swing State Senator Abandons Democrat Party – ‘Unconstitutional Acts’ Prompt Candelaria To Leave New Mexico

What’s Happening: How bad are things getting for Democrats across the states? Would you be surprised if I told you people were fleeing? Yes, you probably know all about thousands of Americans are fleeing blue states like California and New York, due to the left’s toxic leadership. But that’s not even what we’re talking about … Read more

Walmart Shooting: Grandparents of alleged gunman speak out after mass shooting that leaves 22 dead

The grandparents of the man accused of killing 21 people and injuring numerous others during a Saturday morning shooting at an El Paso Walmart, said that they are beyond devastated by their grandson’s actions. According to CBS News, the grandparents 21-year-old Patrick Crusius, who’s currently behind bars facing a capital murder charge, indicated that the … Read more

El Paso HEROES: Mom dies shielding baby boy from bullets during grisly Walmart shooting, while Army soldier leads children to safety

A 25-year-old mother out buying school supplies at an El Paso Walmart on Saturday was one of the many victims killed when a shooter opened fire into a crowd of innocent shoppers. She died shielding her 2-month-old baby. Jordan Anchondo, a mother of three, fell on her infant son after a gunman sprayed bullets at … Read more

‘The scene was a horrific one’: 20 dead, 26 injured in El Paso Walmart shooting as authorities investigate possible hate crime

Police said that the suspect surrendered to responding officers, who did not engage him in gunfire Authorities in Texas held a news conference on Saturday evening with the latest updates on a deadly mass shooting earlier today at a Walmart in El Paso. Texas Governor Greg Abbott confirmed at the press conference, that was broadcast … Read more