‘That’s Not Good’: Video Shows Police Arresting Grandmother For Buying Heroin With Toddler in Car

Florida police made a surprising discovery when they pulled over a 43-year-old woman for a traffic stop.

On Tuesday, Volusia County police stopped grandmother Amy Moreland and found her 2-year-old grandson inside the vehicle, WESH reports.

The deputies then searched the vehicle and found what appeared to be heroin inside.

The moment was captured in a dramatic video shared by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office on Twitter.

In the clip, a deputy looked at the 2-year-old boy sitting on the ground and said:

“Grandma’s out here buying dope with you. That’s not good.”

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Moreland was arrested as the little boy looked on. One officer then moved the child to his car so that he could have some air conditioning.

The deputy told the grandmother:

“It’s definitely, probably, about four to five times as lethal to a child that is 2-years-old. So that bag just opens up and it blows through the air and he breathes it. A) he’s gonna be high, but B) it’s going to kill him.”

According to Fox 13, it was later determined that there was a lethal amount of fentanyl in the drugs discovered.

Moreland later admitted to purchasing the $20 bag of heroin while her grandson was present.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood told WESH:

“You want to reach out to the parents or the grandparents and say ‘What are you doing?’ But the problem is the opioids have control of their life.”

The grandmother was charged with child neglect, possession of paraphernalia, and possession of Heroin.

Watch the video below: