Texas Quietly Beats Joe Biden At The Border – Governor Abbott Just Privately Raised Over $54 Million

Democrats laughed when Texas Gov. Abbott announced his own border wall.

Well, guess who’s laughing now?

The governor, ignored by the Biden administration, has developed a plan to secure the border.

While unable to deport migrants, he can arrest those trespassing. They could face a year in jail.

A border fencing system is part of his plan. And Abbott just announced major support for it.

From The Hill:

Private donations to build a wall along Texas’s border with Mexico surpassed $54 million dollars in August, according to an official fundraising website for the effort…

“We are grateful for the outpouring of support from across our state and the entire country as Texas fills the gap created by President Biden and steps up to secure our southern border, Renae Eze, press secretary for Abbott, told The Hill in a statement.

Even as Democrats dismiss Abbott’s efforts to protect Texas, he has raised over $54 million in private donations.

Most of that money came over the month of August. With each passing month of this year, border crossings only continued to rise.

Despite Biden’s claim that they would subside over the Summer, they only grew.

With so many eyes on Afghanistan, people fear an open border is becoming a greater threat.

Afghanistan is now occupied by the Taliban, al Qaeda, and ISIS-K. Not to mention other enemies.

We cannot afford an open Southern border. Yet Biden refuses to reinstate any policies to keep the country secure.

Texas, at least, is implementing a plan to prevent entry. With that additional funding from private Americans, it looks like nothing will stop this plan from happening.

Abbott surprised many by revealing the construction of the project had already begun. For months, he’s been erecting security across the border.

If the governor is successful, it’s possible other border states will follow his lead.

Key Takeaways:

  • Texas Gov. Abbott raised over $54 million in private donations in August for his border wall.
  • The governor plans to build a wall to secure the state’s border with Mexico.
  • This comes as Biden ignores pleas from the state to end mass migration.