She thinks she is cleaning a ‘VIP’ client’s house – then the owner hands her the key

At age 36, Cara Simmons was a single mum of 3 and working as a cleaner. Behind a hard worker and dedicated to supporting her kids, she had no time to spare. Cara never had any off-days. Was it paying off?

One day, Cara’s boss, Maid Brite, sent her out on a cleaning mission for a “VIP” client.

However, when she got there, Cara found a woman at the house, Madeline Blue, who told her that she had already cleaned the house but there were a few things left for Cara to take care of. First, Cara was tasked with tasting the delicious meals prepared for the party, and then she had to help the masseuses “warm-up” by giving her a nice body massage. She had zero ideas of what was really going on!

It didn’t end there. Blue told her to take some clothes, which all turned out to be her size, and then she had to get some boxes from a “delivery guy.” Turns out, this was all a well-calculated surprise by her own sister and Prank it Forward. To top it up, the house she was sent to was now hers!