Joe Biden Could Be Gone Sooner Than Expected – Senator Rick Scott Considers Activating The 25th Amendment To Remove Joe

Americans have watched for months as Joe Biden stumbles around the presidency. This week has been an all-time low, thanks to Biden’s historic failure in Afghanistan. Because Biden hastily withdrew our troops, the Taliban took the country in nearly one day. Biden’s response? Far from acceptable, as he blamed others instead of taking responsibility. His … Read more

Joe Manchin Double-Slams His Own Party – He Just Sent Queen AOC And President Biden Spinning

Joe Biden has a big problem. And his name is Joe Manchin. Many Democrats in D.C. are obsessed with pushing Biden’s radical plans. But, even though they don’t want to admit it, many Democrats come from states that don’t want America to become Soviet Russia. So, those Democrats are forced to choose between respecting their … Read more

Texas Democrats Defeated In Election Standoff – Governor Abbott Just Signed Into Law His Election Integrity Bill

You probably remember the stunt Texas Democrats pulled to block Gov. Abbott’s agenda. Democrats in the state legislature didn’t have enough votes to block a major bill. So, they fled the state, holding up in D.C. for over a month. They pretended like they were heroes, but the folks back home weren’t impressed. Eventually, they … Read more

Walmart Shooting: Grandparents of alleged gunman speak out after mass shooting that leaves 22 dead

The grandparents of the man accused of killing 21 people and injuring numerous others during a Saturday morning shooting at an El Paso Walmart, said that they are beyond devastated by their grandson’s actions. According to CBS News, the grandparents 21-year-old Patrick Crusius, who’s currently behind bars facing a capital murder charge, indicated that the … Read more