Judge Sends Anti-Police Ilhan Omar Reeling – He Just Blocked Ballot Measure That Would Ditch Minneapolis Cops

What’s Happening:

Although we haven’t heard much from the “abolish police” crowd lately, they are alive and well. Biden claimed that Democrats weren’t trying to get rid of police departments. As usual, he was lying through his fake teeth.Because in left-leaning cities all over America, “woke” politicians are trying to dismantle the one body dedicated to fighting crime.In fact, far-left Democrat Ilhan Omar fought to put a ballot measure in Minneapolis that would let voters delete the police department. Given the left’s track record for ballot harvesting and using questionable mail-in ballots, we know what she was trying to do.
But a judge just shot down her radical agenda.From Fox News:
Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., railed against a judge’s decision to block a Minneapolis ballot measure that would replace the city’s police department with a new department of public safety…“The leaders who are opposed to progress in this city are not nameless or faceless,” she said. “Using your network to obstruct the kind of progress so many people in this city want and were looking forward to is not something that should go unnoticed.”
Here is proof that Ilhan Omar needs to get checked out. She ranted when a judge saved her skin by blocking a ballot measure to abolish the police. She actually claimed “so many people” in Minneapolis wanted to get rid of the cops.Hmm… something tells me the growing number of victims in Minneapolis do not feel that way.
If a fair election was held, I’m sure an overwhelming majority of Minneapolis voters would have shot down that measure. But, because this is the left we’re talking about, we cannot trust it would be a fair election.The city council didn’t have the stones to get rid of the cops. So, tyrants like Omar tried another tactic. Use the ballot system to force this agenda. She really wanted to replace the police with a “department of public safety.”Sure, because when you’re being held up by gunpoint, who do you want coming to help you? An armed and trained police officer or a man with a clipboard?
Omar and Democrats like her don’t care about the fallout of their agenda. Why should they? They live in gated communities far removed from the growing surge of crime across major cities. They won’t lose life or limb if they abolish the police.But regular Americans will. And they cannot afford the private security Omar and her elitist cronies enjoy.In reality, this judge did her a big favor. Had this measure gone through, Minneapolis would no longer be a city. Omar would literally lose her job because there’d be no people left to vote for her.Key Takeaways:
  • A judge blocked a ballot measure that would have abolished the Minneapolis PD.
  • Democrat Ilhan Omar ranted against the move, claiming the city wanted to abolish their cops.
  • This comes as Democrats defy Biden and continue to push to eliminate police.


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