Girl, 11, finds both mum and dad dead after they quarantined with Covid together

A little girl found both her mum and dad dead in their home after the couple tested positive for coronavirus.

Scott and Erika Greenman died while quarantining and were tragically found by their only child, 11-year-old Chloe.

Mr and Mrs Greenman tested positive for the virus earlier in February with neighbour Chuck Duy telling a local news outlet that Erika had also been taken into hospital with complications from the virus.

He said: “They thought she had a stroke, but I guess it was due to Covid.

“She tested positive, but they sent her home and then her husband meanwhile was home with a positive test for COVID, so they both were quarantined downstairs in their bedroom in their basement.”

While the pair were isolating, Chloe discovered their bodies together on February 18 before raising the alarm.

Emergency services were called to the home. in Saint Louis, Missouri, but both parents, in their 40s, died at the scene.

A St. Louis County police spokesperson told PEOPLE: “Officers observed no sign of foul play in the residence.

“Both individuals had been quarantined due to testing positive for COVID-19 and both were experiencing symptoms per the family.

“We have no reason to believe their deaths were caused by anything other than COVID-19 at this time.”

Chuck Duy added: “To lose both parents at one time you know for an 11-year-old, it’s really tragic.

“Last year at Christmas time they came down to our door and gave us cookies.

“They were just the nicest people. We are praying for the girl and their family.”

Obituaries to Erika and Scott, whose official name was Gregory, were posted online.

Both tributes said that having Chloe was the couple’s “greatest blessing” and that they loved her more than anything.

The obituary to Erika said: “Erika met Gregory “Scott” Greenman in 2003 and it was love at first sight.

“If you were lucky enough to be present when Erika gazed into her daughter’s face, the pure joy radiating from her would blind you.

“Erika enjoyed spending most of her free time with her husband and daughter, baking, watching cooking shows, or online shopping.”

The obituary also referenced how the couple died together.

It said: “Erika was joined in departure by her husband, Gregory “Scott” Greenman, who also passed on February 18, 2021.”