Florida Mom Who Created GoFundMe for Her 10-Month-Old Son’s Funeral Now Accused of Murdering Baby

A Florida mom, Victoria Jackson, who set up a GoFundMe after losing her 10-month-old boy, is now being accused of murder.

Florida police say Jackson, 24, killed her young son, Malachi, by smothering him to death on May 24.

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After his death, Jackson set up a GoFundMe page which raised more than $4,000 for funeral costs. It has since been taken down, and the site is issuing refunds to anyone who donated.

According to an arrest report obtained by People, Jackson told a friend that she had killed Malachi. The friend told the police on October 30, and then the police scheduled a controlled phone call with Jackson. During the phone call, Jackson allegedly made “incriminating statements.”

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Victoria Jackson / CREDIT: ABC Action News

At the time of Malachi’s death, Jackson had called the police to report that he was unresponsive. He was taken to a nearby hospital where was pronounced dead.

Marah Gonzales, an old friend of Jackson’s from high school who donated to the GoFundMe, told WTXL that “tragedy is a time where you need to be the most compassionate and loving and kind and she totally just took advantage of that. No one knew the real story of what happened other than her and whatever friend that she told.”


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Jackson is currently in custody. It is not yet clear whether
or not she has made a plea.