Doctor offering monoclonal therapy says it can be used to reduce COVID-19 symptoms

Over the last several months, we’ve heard of antibody treatments that help with the symptoms of COVID-19.

Monoclonal therapy is hard to find but former President Donald Trump swears by it and it’s being offered at a clinic right here in metro Detroit.

“We have shifted focus to vaccines and we talk a lot about testing a lot, we haven’t focused on this therapy that’s going to help your most vulnerable people,” said Ali Hassan, First Choice Urgent Care.

Dr. Hassan’s office is offering out-patient, anti-body treatment his urgent care is offering to high-risk, positive Covid patients with mild to moderate symptoms. It’s called monoclonal antibody therapy. 

“What these companies have done is, they’ve taken these antibodies and created a man-made antibody. We can inject and it can attach to the virus to keep you from getting sicker,” he said.

The treatment uses plasma from recovered Covid patients – as a treatment in hospitals has been used for months, even President Donald Trump used it during his bout with the virus.

Dr. Hassan says it reduces the severity of symptoms.

“By keeping these patients that potentially are going to get sick and get worse, and get on a ventilator now we are preventing that. It’s not only saving lives but money and resources,” Hassan said.

Dr. Ali Hassan, First Choice Urgent Care.

The doctor says insurance covers the treatment – but something you’ll want to check with your insurance company. 

“It’s not for everybody,” he said. “Your normal 22-year-old healthy person will not qualify for this therapy. Anybody over 65 with a positive test, they are considered high risk and will qualify.”

Dr. Hassan says they’re the first out-patient facilities to offer this. He has six locations – most in Wayne County. You have to call to get screened to see if you qualify for the treatment.

For more information: online or call: 734-333-8001.