Dame Joan Collins shares heartbreaking family news

Dame Joan Collins took to Instagram on Sunday to share some very sad family news with her fans.

The Dynasty actress, 87, posted a photo showing her posing with her film producer goddaughter Milica Kastner and her two children.

She wrote: “May you restinpeace my beautiful brave #goddaughter @milica_kastner. You fought a great fight and I admire you so much for your strength. You are with the #angels now and you have always been an angel.”

The tragic news comes just two months after Milica, 49, revealed she had been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and stage 4 uterine sarcoma – a rare cancer of the uterus – in February 2019 in a moving piece for Tatler magazine.

She also spoke in depth about her diagnosis in a dedicated Instagram account titled Two Stage Fours.


Her latest post, shared six weeks ago, reads: “Met with Dr Robin Jones and Dr Noreen Starling today and they said all things considered I look great and seem strong. I’ll take that! mindovermatter.”

Milica was the daughter of American film producer Elliott Kastner and British celebrity interior designer Tessa Kennedy. Princess Grace of Monaco was one of her godparents, along with the King of Jordan.

She enjoyed a magical childhood as the daughter of a top Hollywood producer, and once shared: “One of my earliest memories is a magical Easter at Frank Sinatra’s house in Palm Springs. Grace Kelly (my godmother), the Grants, the Pecks and Roger and Luisa Moore (my brother Dillon’s godparents), were all there.”

Milica, a close friend of Robbie Williams (the pair had a pact to marry if they had not found partners by a certain age), spent time living in LA before returning to the UK with her two children.

She has a son Jack with American film producer Cary Woods, and a daughter Sophia with art dealer Alex Corcoran.

Shortly after Sophia’s birth in 2010, Milica’s father died after a battle with cancer. And just three years later, Milica lost her close friend Charlotte Brosnan, daughter of Bond actor Pierce Brosnan to the same disease.