Couple adopted triplets. One week later, doctor reveals unexpected news

Sarah and Andy Justice are a couple. They love each other to the moon and back. But they wanted kids, and it was getting really hard for Sarah to get pregnant. They decided to adopt some.

Fate smiled upon them and they found a pregnant lady who wished to put her baby up for adoption after birth. They made an agreement and Sarah even accompanied the lady for her ultrasound. Turns out, she had not just one, but 3 babies in waiting!

The wife and hubby from Tulsa, Oklahoma, were excited. They knew they finally had a chance to raise a big family that they always wished for. And then something else happened!

Sarah started feeling a bit sick and went for a checkup. The checkup turned into an ultrasound. She was pregnant! She called her hubby to break the news to him. He couldn’t believe it!

Fast-forward 9 months later, and the couple were the proud parents to 5 cute little babies. You want to see this video now and see what’s happening. Just click “play” and enjoy it all.

Watch the phenomenal story of this couple’s journey to having six kids here: