Kamala Harris Protege Just Got Indicted – Federal Charges For Baltimore Democrat Add Up To 30 Years In Prison, Millions In Fines

Another lawmaker just got hit with serious charges, and this time it’s a Democrat State Attorney in Baltimore. Marilyn Mosby is facing multiple accusations and some stiff punishments. A Maryland grand jury indicted Mosby on Thursday, on two counts of perjury and two counts of filing false mortgage applications. And as it turns out, Mosby … Read more

Trump Tells National Guard To Respond Quickly – Donald Says They Must Stop America’s Wave Of Smash-And-Grabs

What’s Happening: For years, we’ve heard from Democrats about the evils of our police departments. Some extreme leftists have called for the defunding of police. And, to the shock of most Americans, blue cities obeyed. Many police departments, in major cities, lack the resources to stop crime. Guess what happened? Crime is out of control. … Read more

Swing State Senator Abandons Democrat Party – ‘Unconstitutional Acts’ Prompt Candelaria To Leave New Mexico

What’s Happening: How bad are things getting for Democrats across the states? Would you be surprised if I told you people were fleeing? Yes, you probably know all about thousands of Americans are fleeing blue states like California and New York, due to the left’s toxic leadership. But that’s not even what we’re talking about … Read more

‘Help is on the way:’ Senate passes Biden’s massive $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus plan in 50-49 party-line vote

The Senate narrowly voted Saturday to approve President Biden’s sprawling $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus plan, giving the new president a massive legislative victory. The party-line 50-49 vote came after a late night compromise with conservative Democratic kingmaker Sen. Joe Manchin, of West Virginia, over unemployment benefits cleared the way. An unusual round of applause erupted … Read more

Thousands of Trump supporters rally in DC to protest election before Electoral College formalizes Biden’s win

WASHINGTON – A growing crowd waving American flags and wearing “Make America Great Again” hats gathered Saturday morning in Freedom Plaza in support of President Donald Trump and his unfounded allegations of voter fraud in the presidential election . The rally was organized by Women for America First, a conservative group that organized last month’s “Stop the Steal” rally, which drew tens of thousands of people. As many … Read more

Twitter limits users interacting with Trump’s tweets about ‘stolen’ election

Twitter on Saturday prevented users from liking and replying to a series of tweets from President Trump in which he repeated false claims that he won the election and that the race was “stolen” from him. In three separate tweets Saturday morning, Trump responded to the Supreme Court’s decision to throw out a lawsuit from Texas aiming to nullify … Read more