WATCH LIVE: Former President Donald Trump rally in Georgia

WATCH LIVE: Former President Donald Trump rally in Georgia Look for the video below! BREAKING ELON MUSK AND PARTNER GRIMES BREAK UP AFTER THREE YEARS TOGETHER! The media didn’t waste any time and suddenly there were millions of articles explaining that the breakup of the famous couple was because of his recent investment in the … Read more

Biden, Pelosi, Schumer Suffer Major Defeat – The Parliamentarian Just Stripped Their Attempt To Slip In Amnesty

What’s Happening: Democrats have been pushing for months to pass Biden’s massive socialist takeover of the country. His bloated $3.5 trillion spending bill would cripple our economy while expanding the federal government to new hits. But they weren’t satisfied with that. Because they wanted to force this through without Republican votes, they decided to go … Read more

Judge Sends Anti-Police Ilhan Omar Reeling – He Just Blocked Ballot Measure That Would Ditch Minneapolis Cops

What’s Happening: Although we haven’t heard much from the “abolish police” crowd lately, they are alive and well. Biden claimed that Democrats weren’t trying to get rid of police departments. As usual, he was lying through his fake teeth. Because in left-leaning cities all over America, “woke” politicians are trying to dismantle the one body … Read more

Biden’s Titanic Officially Sinks – Joe Hits American Iceberg, Approval Is Significantly Underwater In Mainstream Poll

What’s Happening: Early on in Biden’s administration, his approval started to shift. We wondered just how bad it would get, as he continued to fail on nearly every issue he tackled. Well, guess what? It’s gotten this bad. Americans quickly changed their views on Biden when he let the Taliban take over Afghanistan. And his handling of … Read more

McConnell Just Called Chuck Schumer’s Bluff – Mitch Gives The Majority Leader Warning On Government Shutdown

What’s Happening: Democrats have made it clear, time and again, they don’t want to work with Republicans. They are pushing a radical spending bill—which will cost us $3.5 trillion. And they want it passed without a single Republican vote. So, you can imagine our hilarity, when they demand Republicans to vote to raise the debt … Read more

Kamala Harris Sent Spinning By Kayleigh McEnany – She Blames The VP’s Silence On Wanting To Be President

What’s Happening: Plenty of leaders have commented on the crisis in Afghanistan. But one is oddly silent. Joe Biden has failed to explain what went wrong. He also refuses to take responsibility. Many lawmakers and officials are slamming Biden for his epic failure. Some are launching investigations. Others are demanding answers. But one person has … Read more

Ben Carson Goes After Biden And His Democrats – The Good Doctor Accuses Them Of ‘All-Out Assault’ On Love

Joe Biden claimed to be a moderate. But everything he’s done has pushed radical “wokeness” onto our society. And that poison is already taking its toll. The far left’s views on life and society and harming our children most of all. Celebrated doctor and conservative leader, Ben Carson, is watching the culture’s toll on future … Read more

Joe Biden Could Be Gone Sooner Than Expected – Senator Rick Scott Considers Activating The 25th Amendment To Remove Joe

Americans have watched for months as Joe Biden stumbles around the presidency. This week has been an all-time low, thanks to Biden’s historic failure in Afghanistan. Because Biden hastily withdrew our troops, the Taliban took the country in nearly one day. Biden’s response? Far from acceptable, as he blamed others instead of taking responsibility. His … Read more