‘The Thought of Passing on Doesn’t Frighten Me’: Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebek Opens up About Set Back in Cancer Battle

“Cancer is mysterious in more ways than one.” This is what “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek said after he revealed that he will have to undergo more chemotherapy treatments after his “numbers shot up.” During an interview with Good Morning America, Trebek said he was doing so well after his first rounds of treatments ended: “I … Read more

Mom and Dad Accused of Abandoning Adopted Daughter After Reportedly Changing Her Age From 8 to 22

Michael Barnett and Kristine Barnett are facing felony charges after court documents revealed they allegedly abandoned their adopted daughter while they were married. Now divorced, WISH is reporting that Michael and Kristine rented their reportedly 8-year-old daughter, who was adopted out of Ukraine, an apartment after allegedly changing her age to 22. They then left … Read more

A Surveillance Camera Caught 3 Restaurant Workers Doing This in a Police Officer’s Food…

Three Florida teenagers have been arrested on felony charges for allegedly spitting in two on-duty deputies’ food while preparing the meals in the back. The incident occurred at an Okeechobee Highway 55 restaurant. The police had stopped by the diner for dinner, according to a press release by the County Sheriff’s Office. According to the release, … Read more